Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So, Farewell Then Occupy London

How good to amble down the old apples and pears this morning to see the rent-a-mob outside St Paul's in London being moved on. Well done the powers that be, at last! Only wonder why it took so long to clear the muck off the streets, isn't that what Londoners pay their taxes for?

What I probably find most unpleasant about this smelly rabble is how patronising and smug they are. But isn't that a sure sign of a person being a socialist? They know best and we are mere cretins who have yet to realise that they know best what is good for us.

Most of us don't need a mong with a ponytail, or a scruffy Marxist in a poncho to tell us that the bankers cocked up. Tell us something new! The way to change it is to get stuck into a serious political party, buy a few shares and get to shareholders meetings or start your own bank. Turning an historic part of London into a dirty slum is nothing but attention seeking and ego massaging.

Good riddance!


Brian said...


John's letters to the seven churches in Revelation were as much about them ensuring that they did not become enslaved by Roman Imperialism and its softening impact on the Christian life as anything else. As Christians we must also be on our watch that we have not become soft and part of 'the world.’ ‘Occupy’ provides us with a useful prompt to examine our consciences on this matter, especially during the Lenten season. It is naive to expect that the 99% will buy shares and go to shareholder meetings.That route has largely been discredited and shown not to be effective by virtue of the largesse enjoyed by the 1% and its appetite for avarice and selfishness in the decades leading up to the time when it all went greatly pear shaped. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll only get what you’ve always got!
The Archbishop of Westminster has previously said that the St Paul's protests had given a voice to concerns that the financial burden of attempts to tackle the deficit was being "very unfairly felt and distributed".

It’s always the same. When the rich and satisfied are held to account they squeal like fatted pigs for the slaughter in case the hegemony of their ruling elitism is undermined. I hope that bit didn’t sound to socialist !


Gregg said...

Brian, that's exactly the kind of naive bullshit that makes people think Christians are out of touch and on another planet. You are obviously not part of 'the world' that most real people inhabit.

Occupy are self-indulgent parasites who don't give a toss about people who live, work or visit St Paul's to worship or marvel at its splendour.

They are inadequate attention seekers. End of.

Yes, it did sound socialist, full of hatred towards people who get off their backsides and actually do something for themselves and their families rather than sitting around in tents whining and stinking.

Daz Pearce said...

Nicely done Gregg - I had to smile when I heard about members of this Che Guevara tribute heading back to suburbia at close of play and returning the following morning - with a packed lunch!!

When they claim to represent me or speak on my behalf I get pretty pissed off - dunno about you? Tuesday I was in work for 8am and didn't go home until 8pm, so really struggling to relate to whatever their 'cause' is.

This 99% vs 1% stuff is just childish and pretty pathetic.

Gregg said...

What really pisses me off Daz is that socialists expect you to work your nuts off, so they can thieve ever more off you in taxes to spend on crap that you don't even want. Like their dole money.

Daz Pearce said...

Gregg, was just wondering, is there a 'Right to not Work' campaign?

Gregg said...

Yes Daz. It's called socialism.

It's like the worst commie states used the word 'democratic', so the more workshy socialists use the word 'work' or 'workers' in their name, such as Socialist Workers Party, Workers Revolutionary Party and so on.

Daz Pearce said...

Fair comment. Socialism is the right to do whatever you want, at someone else's expense.