Friday, December 14, 2007

Brown The Bottler

Looking back on this week's events most of us are unsure whether to laugh or cry. Brown sends his little errand boy, Milliband Senior, to join the massed ranks of EU leaders being photographed in Lisbon and then flies out to sign the constitution on his own, as if we wouldn't notice.
But New Labour have a habit of this kind of thing. Remember when the King of Saudi visited? Well Milliband Senior did a similar half-hearted boycott claiming he was on 'paternity leave' after adopting a child.
Then Brown boycotted the EU/Africa summit because Mugabe was there. Except it wasn't really a boycott because he sent some black baroness along instead.
If anybody still needed convincing that this is a government with neither backbone nor principle then this week has surely done it. Is it any wonder our troops, probably more abused by this government than any other single group, are increasingly turning to cocaine?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

That's a good list of Macavity moments, please keep updating it!