Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stuffing the Nanny State

Driving home last night listening to the radio, independent commercial radio, I heard what I thought to be a rather poor satire which led to me pondering on the lack of really good, hard hitting comedy at the moment. This comedy, as I thought, was a take on the government being so overbearing and oppressive that Stalinist style public service announcements were now telling us how to wash our Christmas turkey and how to cook it so we weren't all dead of food poisoning by Boxing Day.

I have since heard the ads several times and they are actually made, and funded, by you and me, the taxpayers, on behalf of the nanny state. Not content with such patronising pap they have also employed, no doubt at ridiculous expense, so-called celebrity chefs to add some gravitas, or at least popular appeal. Yes the ads were actually serious government warnings.

Now do the government really think we are all stupid? Do they really think that we only ever cook at Christmas time because the rest of the year we use the chip shop, or McDonalds if dining out on special occasions? Perhaps the government thinks we will all wake up on 27th December and say: "Thank God for those announcements about preparing turkey, I'm still alive, in gratitude I'll vote Labour next time".

Mrs Beaman and I are having goose and the government hasn't told us what to do with goose, so we will probably poison ourselves eating it raw. But then we could join the parasitic, no pun intended, compensation culture and go to law for a few bob! Or perhaps we could forget the bird and stuff the government!

Which reminds me of an old joke that always really angers the green, veggie types:

Did you hear about the Korean car sticker? It says: "A dog isn't just for Christmas-there should be enough for Boxing Day too".


PheistyBlog said...

Brilliant post!

I'm sick and tired of the US government and their nanny-ish advertisements, as well. It's incredibly insulting to think that our government believes that we cannot take care of ourselves.

I wish they'd stop trying to be our mommies and instead do their job of protecting our larger interest: Our freedom.



Steve Allison (UKIP Councillor) said...

As a northern chap myself I often worry about Black Puddings, have you noticed there is a variation in blackness? Sometimes even the white bits are black but so far I have received no government guidance.

What is UKIP Policy on the blackness of Black Puddings?

Surely no self respecting Party can hope to claim a full suite of Policies and have any pretensions of being able to form a government without addressing this vital issue.

Come on, the British public deserve to know!

Vindico said...

Hey Greg, I have just found your blog.
Great post. Funny if it weren't so true. It's a wonder we are allowed to dress ourselves without completing a risk assessment. Nannying c****