Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nuclear Power? Yes please!

Here is a storming, for a change, BBC report on the government's proposal to build more nuclear power plants.

Local people around the Sizewell plant sing the praises of living beside a nuclear power station, and none of them glow in the dark! How refreshing compared to the doom and gloom merchants who have been claiming there will be a disaster soon, then it doesn't happen and probably never will. The green environmental luddites who whine on about global warming being man-made always remind me of the end of the world sect in Monty Python who prepare for the end, regularly, only to be disappointed.
And guess what? Here's an article on UKIP's policy on nuclear power, every bit as sensible.


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Mark Wadsworth said...

As long as the go government does not subsidise it, it's fine by me.