Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Barack Obama

Here is an interesting look at the view the outside world has of Barack Obama. It is written by Alvaro Vargas Llosa of The Independent Institute.

Now, I have tried a few of the tests on American websites that predict how you would/should vote in the US election, using the candidates currently in the race. Usually I have been told my natural leaning is for somebody I've never heard of, who probably wants to abolish government. The last one I did told me I was a Huckerbee supporter, perhaps I hadn't slept well or had a hangover that day! Any Americans reading this will be pleased to know that I am thoroughly British and these were merely academic exercises.

For some weeks now I, like many, have had a strong feeling that there will be a Democrat in the White House come November. Consequently I find the Democratic race more interesting at the moment and have to admit that Obama is an intriguing candidate. He has yet, thankfully, to play 'the race card' and seems genuinely to be a man who will not constantly harp on about perceived injustices from hundreds of years ago. He is also a Christian who spent some time in Indonesia when younger, where he attended a Muslim school, few Christian schools in Indonesia I suspect, but an interesting experience nontheless for a candidate in 2008. And he does come over as less 'statist' and authoritarian than Mrs Clinton. As with most elections these days I look forward to more policy being introduced into the race than there currently is.

For now all I can say is please God, if there is to be a Democrat President anybody but Clinton II.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Presidents start in January of the next year, actually.

I find it difficult to decide who is worse, Clinton or Obama Bin Laden. I doubt that Ron Paul will get in but I hope that one of the other Republicans does, preferably McCain but apart from that they're all pretty much of a muchness.

Gregg Beaman said...

The blandness of the candidates, in the USA and elsewhere, is really worrying. What annoys me is that people whine about our grey, dreary politicians but seem terrified of voting for a real person who dares to be different.