Monday, November 21, 2011

Who Will Save Us From Idiot Councillors?

I'm all for government being as close to the people as possible, but we must question the actions of town and parish councils as well as those of supranational monoliths such as the European Union.

Where I live we have many layers of elected representatives, most proving the the old addage that the desire to be a politician should be enough to exclude you. We have a town council, then we have a borough council and we also have a county council. Then we have a Member of Parliament and the biggest bunch of parasites of them all, Members of the European Parliament. I don't think I've forgotten any. Thankfully the idea of an elected regional assembly was dropped or that would be more parasites leeching off us. Apart from costing a few grand from our taxes I'm not sure what a town/parish council does, apart from offer a platform to a bunch of local busybodies who love mithering and interfering in other peoples' business.

But what got me on this track was reading about Lymington Cricket Club in Hampshire. They have played at their ground for around 200 years. Cricket balls are very hard indeed and they leave the bat with some speed. Or is it velocity? Never was good at that kind of scientific stuff. Anyway, in 200 years nobody is aware of anybody being hit by a ball flying out of Lymington cricket ground. In four years three balls have landed in nearby tennis courts, but nobody has been hit or injured.

Here comes the problem, Lymington and Pennington town councillors have bugger all useful to do but sit and dream up 'what if' scenarios. The pillocks on this particular council have now told the cricket club that to continue on their ground they must now pay £50,000 for a net to catch balls before they land in the tennis courts. This would bankrupt the club. Chief nanny, sorry local councillor Penny Jackman, made the following inane comment: "The reality is cricket balls have been landing a matter of inches from unsuspecting people". Yes you nitwit, three in four years and I think the key words are 'a matter of inches away' not on anybody's head or any other part of their bodies.

Time to make government so small that we can get rid of most of these idiots, be they MEPs or town/parish councillors or any of the others in between.


e.f. bartlam said...

I know statists are guilty of worse but these little intrusions are the one's that make me want to beat someone with a cricket bat.

Gregg said...

Too right Erik, the bastards are coming at us from all angles.

Frederick Oakeley said...

There are always silly things done by silly councillors and this is clearly one of them . However most councillors are public spirited people who are trying to help the community Erik ought to get on the Council and do his bit instead of wingeing. He ought also to get to know a few MEPs who apart from the UKIP are sensible hard working representatives. No doubt they'd like to hear of Erik's prejudices!

Frederick Oakeley said...

Most councillors work had out of a sense of public duty. When did Eric don half as much as they. Of course they are sometimes silly and they appear to be in this case. But get a life Eric, rollup your sleeves and actually do something instead of complaining and meet a few MPs and MEPs an
D discover just how hard they work. I'd avd the UKIP sort because they are just like Eic, complaining and wingeing but delivering nothing.

Gregg said...

MEPs are spongeing parasitic scum who should be abolished, and yes I have met plenty, I actually worked for one (for my sins) and have visited Strasbourg and Brussels a few times. Anybody who can defend them is obviously thick.

As for councillors, I was also a councillor from 1999 to 2003 and while some are public spirited most are idiots and only in it for the very generous allowances and expenses. I wouldn't pay them in washers.

I believe Erik has spent time in the US armed forces. Far more public spirited than bitching around on a council about kids playing in the wrong place or hassling a cricket club.

I'm no fan of UKIP but Frederick sounds to be a little obsessed. You can get help for that on the NHS Frederick.

e.f. bartlam said...

Public Spirit! air meant to obscure a desire to run other people's lives and an inability to get an actual job.

I pay taxes in exchange for services...chief among them protecting my individual liberty and my property. Not on that list is being mithered and smothered by a sense of Public Spirit.

I live in Jackson, Mississippi and the biggest news here concerning local government is neighborhoods fencing themselves off from public services because, even after paying taxes, they'd rather pay for their own security and upkeep.

Seems a sense of Public Spirit and incompetency go hand and hand.

Besides all that, how busy can these virtuous public servants be if this is Cricket ground is on their agenda.


Gregg said...

Hello Erik, nice retort.

As a regular contributor would you do me the honour of writing a guest post? I have more readers in the US than in the UK, maybe because you have five times the population so I'll not take any credit.

If yes I'd be happy for you to write on anything you like, don't think we're a million miles apart in views and outlook.

I tried to ask via your blog but it wouldn't let me comment.

e.f. bartlam said...

I'd be honored Greg...just give me some time to sort it out. Maybe I'll express my views on civic duty ...probably better not :).

You're not the only one that's complained about the posting over there. I've removed all restrictions...I don't know.

It's Thanksgiving over here today. I'm going to my Sister's house...where the back yard is littered with tennis balls from the eat myself silly.

I hope you and Mr. Oakeley both have a good day.

Gregg said...

Still can't leave a comment Erik.

If you could send it to when you are ready I would be really grateful.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day.

Anonymous said...

I'm not silly, I'm not chief Nanny or Nitwit and the correct figure is 13 cricket balls in 4 months this year alone going on to the tennis courts. How many bigger hits/sixes went straight over the wall into the churchyard where there are public footpaths is anyone's guess.
As is so often the case, you should not believe all you read in the papers nor be so quick to judge. For the record, my allowance for being on the Town Council works out at about £10 per week after tax. I won't even start about H&S...
Penny Jackman x

Gregg said...

Thanks for confirming you are indeed a nitwit and an interfering busybody.