Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Greece And The European Union: I'm So Angry I Could Pitch A Tent!

Occupy Brussels anybody?
 The good old Greeks, I love them. Along with the Italians, Irish, Portuguese and Spanish they conned the EU into throwing pots of cash at them and lived like the decadent young party goer who'd won a rollover lottery jackpot. And who can blame them? Now it's time to say whoa, money's run out, you've got to change your ways and it looks like they're going to say up yours and refuse.

For years Eurorealists, Eurosceptics or whatever you want to call us have been saying the EU was a disaster waiting to happen and the Euro would be the ultimate cause of the disaster. The PIGS fiddled the books to claim they had the right figures to join the Euro, and the rest of the nutcases in the Eurozone ignored the truth and went along with it. Result? Inevitable crisis after inevitable crisis until it's teetering on the brink of true disaster.

In the old days when I foolishly thought UKIP was a credible force, one of the members used to tell me that we were really wasting our time, the EU would collapse in on itself way before we had the influence to extricate ourselves from the con trick. Looks to me like Bryan was right.

I'm on the list of speakers for an independent think tank and occasionally go into schools debating the EU with a Europhile. I'm tired of the amount of bull they come out with to try and justify continued membership of a monstrous, undemocratic, bureaucratic monster. They come out with things like 'the EU has kept the peace in Europe since the last war'. No! We only joined in 1973, 28 years after the war and I don't think we'd been at war with Europe since 1945. Or 'we would lose our trade with Europe if we left the EU'. No we wouldn't. We buy much more from EU countries than we sell to. The French wouldn't suddenly refuse to sell us wine or the Germans motor cars. They claim the EU is democratic. In that case why do they ignore referendums, such as those in Ireland, Denmark and France that go against them and carry on regardless?

No, the European Union is a vanity project run by and for Europe's political class. It epitomises the decadent, self-indulgent egocentricity of a dying civilisation where the leaders swan around grandstanding and living like kings while the rest of us tighten our belts. When you visit Brussels and Strasbourg and see the stinking luxury and extravagence of our unaccountable rulers you see why the people of Greece are likely to tell their rulers to stick their austerity measures. Greedy grasping bastards in the establishment got us into this mess, but we're the ones who'll have to live in poverty to bale them out.

Merkel and other leaders consult the people: EU style!
Last week I was at the theatre in Manchester watching a superb play called Good, by C P Taylor. In a nutshell it tells the tale of a throughly decent German academic in the 1930s, complete with Jewish friends, who gets sucked into working for the regime because of the subtle and creeping takeover of all aspects of life by the regime. Very interesting and topical I thought.

When I left the theatre, it was a matinee, I put the radio on to hear what had happened during the last couple of hours at the Euro summit, called to discuss the current crisis. Incredibly assorted 'leaders' had turned up and they had spent the previous hour and a half preening and posing in front of cameras smiling and looking pompous and self-important. They then went in for a chat before enjoying a sumptuous banquet! Good to see where their priorities lie.

Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, the EU has made me so angry I could pitch a tent.

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