Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NHS Strikers Make Me Sick!

I don't support the strike today, it's the height of irresponsibility. The sight of arrogant fat cat union barons, like Crow and Prentice, patronising us with their self obsessed bleating on TV trying to justify their actions really makes me reach for the sick bag.

But what really got me today was the sight of NHS staff walking out of their jobs punching the air and grinning like goons as they greeted the comrades on the picket lines. Funny how those in the 'caring professions' don't bat an eyelid for the patients left behind when they strike for better pay and pensions for themselves. And if not working doesn't impact on the care provided to patients let's make them redundant, there are plenty of nurses and others in the 'caring professions' claiming they can't get a job.

Having said that I know that very few people in the public sector are in line for the 'gold plated pensions' many claim them to be on. But when many are losing their jobs, and businesses are closing with predictions  that things will get worse, it seems highly selfish and destructive to be walking out.

While public sector workers and others slam city fat cats let's look at Bob Crow's pay deal as of 2009:

As of 2009, Bob Crow's basic salary at RMT was £94,747; a 12% increase from the previous year. His entire pay package with bonuses and pensions was £133,138; on top of this he claimed £9,989 in expenses and £2,376 in travel costs.[7]

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Richard Collins said...

I agree Gregg but it is worth noting that members of the Royal College of Nursing union are not on strike.
They are left holding the baby as well as caring for those in high dependency units, with dangerously low staffing levels (like one nurse per 15 HD patients).
Those nurses deserve a medal.

Gregg said...

Thanks Richard.

It is so easy for us, on both sides to generalise. Yes, there are excellent staff and bad in the NHS as in all walks of life.

Frederick Oakeley said...

It is clear to all but the trades union leaders that people who earn less than their members and have fewer benefits and pension rights are not going to pay taxes to continue this unfair position. Most private employees have not had wage increases and on average do less well than their public sector equivalents. Living longer means that we will all have to work longer. All that the Government is trying to do is to get the national bills in line with our ability to pay.

Gregg said...

That'smuch more reasonable 'Frederick'. I don't even mind you disagreeing with me but there are ways of doing it.

How's your brother?

Frederick Oakeley said...

Which brother?

Gregg said...

Oops, my mistake 'Frederick'.