Saturday, April 28, 2012

It Was Like Man City v Man United

What a great day at Chorley watching FC United win 2 0 to reach the Northern Premier League play-off final. A few pints, reds everywhere, the atmosphere created by the FC fans was immense. It was like watching United play City at Maine Road in the '70s and '80s.

Back then, as now, United fans massively outnumbered City fans in Manchester, so much so that when we played City at Maine Road we never got enough tickets. So a few thousand United fans would buy them from City, who rarely sold all theirs, meaning the hour or so before the game saw a steady stream of United fans being escorted by police into the United section.

It wasn't a few thousand today, but a few hundred of us bought tickets for the Chorley part of the ground but were allowed into the United section by kindly stewards, it really took me back to my youth.

What a fantastic day. Just hope my vocal chords recover for the final next week at Bradford Park Avenue.

To get a flavour of today, click on here to see the photographs.


Rita said...

"Back then, as now, United fans massively outnumbered City fans in Manchester"

Have I just arrived in some alternative reality where Boddingtons is still a good beer and City really will win the league this year...Reality, who needs it?

Blogmaster said...

Anybody who grew up in Manchester knows that to be true. I went to school in Rusholme in the '70s and I'd say it was a good 3:1 in favour of United.

Walk around Gorton, Levenshulme, Moston etc any day of the week and you'll see 3 United shirts for 1 City shirt.

Problem is City fans have lied about that 'real Mancunians' support City for so long I think they now actually believe it. I suppose it compensates them emotionally for living in the shadow of United.

Blogmaster said...

Which school did you go to Rita? My sister was at Loretto and I went to Xaverian.