Friday, April 13, 2012

Police-The Final Insult

South Yorkshire Police have shown their utter contempt for the public by threatening to take bobbies off the beat and replace them with PCSOs. Let's be honest, these ideas are always approved at the top of government before 'being floated' and show what contempt the police and government hold the populace in. If it happens in South Yorkshire it will soon be happening elsewhere, that's how our masters work things.

The public have been demanding more bobbies on the beat for years and years. So now our masters want to withdraw beat bobbies completely. If that isn't showing contempt I don't know what is. As for PCSOs I wouldn't ask one for directions to a car park let alone trust one on the beat. What next, replace the riot police with PCSOs?

And I don't accept all this bull about spending cuts when £50,000 of lottery money is being wasted in Burnley on:

A PROJECT looking at the history of the LGBT movement in Burnley....
From the Lancashire Telegraph.


Daz Pearce said...

And hear I was thinking Burnley was the last refuge of KKK sympathies!!

As for cops, the reality is you're either good enough to be one or you aren't. These plastic bobbies simply undermine the police force and public confidence in it.

Blogmaster said...

Yes, I don't have a problem with gay, transexual or whatever people, I just resent money being wasted on daft politically correct projests such as that.

As for the police, part of the problem is a complete fall in confidence in the police in the first place. Even my parents, in their late seventies are now highly critical of the police when they used to be staunch supporters/defenders.

PCSOs are just a sick joke in gthe first place.