Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jimmy Carr

Good on Jimmy Carr.

We all have a duty to take care of our families first and foremost, and that's what he has done. But he is now being pilloried for legally ensuring he keeps as much as he earns as he can. If he wanted to work for the government he would have become a civil servant.

By contrast Cameron attacks him as "immoral". The British Prime Minister, head of an unelected government, that squanders millions on pet schemes and bombing other countries, not to mention denying us a referendum on the EU, and he has the audacity to attack Jimmy Carr as "immoral".

Up yours Cameron.

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Daz Pearce said...

The problem is that deep down, even the public supporters of punitive taxation know it does not work.

So we end up with a system in which the idle do quite nicely as do those able to 'invest' their money in one tax haven or another. The middle get fucked and have to pay for it.

If we freed more low and middle earners from income tax then a lot of this resentment would go away.

As for Jimmy, he's played by the rules and done nothing wrong. With his government of home-flippers and expense-fiddlers I don't think Cameron has any claim on the moral high ground.