Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Police State-Religious Police

It seems that not only do the Saudis and their ilk have religious police, but we do now too.

Another pensioner has had the dreaded knock on the door, at least I don't think they kicked it down. This one has been visited by the polizei for having a sign in his window. The sign states ‘religions are fairy stories for adults’.

The Public Order Act dictates that it is an offence to display any sign which is threatening, abusive or insulting, and could cause distress. If that sign causes anybody to feel threatened, abused, insulted or distressed they need serious help, and probably something rather stronger than their religion would appear to be.

Personally I think the man is a pillock who should get on with his life. If he is an atheist don't obsess about those of us who believe to the extent that you waste your time putting silly notices in your window.

But for crying out loud, leave the barmy old bugger alone, he's doing no harm to anyone.

Full story from the Boston Standard here.


Daz Pearce said...

It's a dangerous world when we start banning sincerely held beliefs, even profoundly offensive ones.

That said, does anyone else notice the irony of the 'evangelical atheist' Richard Dawkins becoming the very cult figure he abhorred...

Organised religion sucks and that includes organised atheism.

Gregg said...

I'm curious as to why you have such an irrational downer on 'organised religion'. If it's voluntary why do you have such a problem with it but you don't with organised football for example?