Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time For A Republic?

I much prefer having a constitutional monarch to the presidential alternative. God help us if we ended with President Blair. But there are times I have to ask what the point of our monarchy is.

I find most of the opponents of the monarchy small minded and envious. They claim the monarch costs too much. Big deal, get rid and what you save is a one off and, in the scheme of things, a tiny drop in the ocean. I still see them as the Roundheads whereas we are the Cavaliers, preferring a dash of colour and romance. On a slightly more serious level I love the link with our glorious past that the monarchy represents.

But at what point do we expect the monarch to actually exercise some power for the good of the country, even if it produces a constitutional crisis, rather than merely acting in the interests of the monarchy?

This monarch has sat back and allowed successive governments to hand over ever more power to the European Union. Should she have stepped in, maybe when the Coalition was being cobbled together, and demanded that she would only accept it if we were given our promised referendum on the European Union?

Then yesterday we heard that she is to grovel to IRA man Martin McGuinness. Not only did the IRA murder Lord Mountbatten but they murdered thousands of innocent people during 'The Troubles'. When Al Quaeda and others see the Queen kowtowing to McGuiness no wonder they believe that terrorism does indeed bring its rewards.

It seems that pretty soon, if not already, there will be little point in having a constitutional monarch if the only reason it exists is to protect its own future and stuff the country and the people.

It's time to make a stand ma'am!

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