Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bradley Wiggins Wins Again

My respect for Bradley Wiggins goes up on a daily basis. OK the word on his latest victory, kicking the disgusting Piers Morgan in the nuts, is that it wasn't actually Bradley Wiggins but a fan. Either way it's the kind of thing he would have done and whoever kicks Piers Morgan in the nuts is top man in my reckoning, Wiggo or a fan.

Just for the record I am a patriot and I like to see competitors sing the national anthem. But if they don't then that's up to them. I prefer the understated patriotism where people aren't classed as patriotic if they don't sob when they hear the national anthem or put bunting out gfor the Queen's birthday. What I dislike is footballers like Giggs and Bellamy playing for Great Britain and making a conscious decision not to sing the anthem. Don't like GB, don't play for GB.

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Daz Pearce said...

As a non-patriot I understand the dilemna.

Every achiever wants to test themselves against the best and that means competing in international events, whatever walk of life you're in.

Brian Moore, a committed republican, used to sing 'God Save the Queen' with gusto as it helped him focus. Of course he didn't mean the words at all.

As for Piers Morgan, well what an over-rated, talentless piece of shit. That he's got the nerve to criticise a world class performer like Wiggins speaks volumes about his lack of self-awareness...