Monday, August 27, 2012

Zombie Nation

We've had a great couple of days, apart from having our ears attacked by noise continuously. What is it that makes whoever is responsible think that we want music pumped at us everywhere we go?

Enter a pub and it's blaring at you, so you leave and go to another pub. But, and it's especially bad in Manchester, there is music blaring in the streets too. Maybe it's coming out of shops most of the time, but in Exchange Square it is blaring out of huge speakers. There also seem to be big screens everywhere showing TV programmes, films or concerts. Why?

Then you look in Starbucks and see five people sat drinking over-priced gunge that passes for coffee. There are three individuals and a couple. The couple are not talking to each other, they are playing on their mobiles as are two of the individuals. The fifth person is playing on a laptop. Do people ever actually have conversations any more?

It seems to me that we are fast becoming a nation of zombies, walking around in a semi-comatose state with a constant noise to stop us thinking too much about things. All we seem to do, apart from work, is shop.

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