Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fighting the European Union

The last couple of months have been extremely hard work, setting up a new business is time consuming and stressful, but ultimately rewarding. Now some semblance of normality is returning to our lives, such as going out last night for our first curry, other than a dodgy takeaway, in many months.

Also yesterday I was invited by Civitas to take part in a debate about the European Union in Liverpool in October. Unsurprisingly I will be speaking against our continued membership. I don't know yet what brave individual will be speaking for. When I say that I'm not being cocky about my debating skills, more that finding somebody to defend the EU these days is a little like finding a Nazi in Germany in the immediate post war years.

Another sign of normality returning is that I have, this morning, joined a new political party, the Independent Libertarians. If you value individual liberty and freedom then please visit their website, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Next on my 'to do' list is to find the time to pop along and watch FC United of Manchester.

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Daz Pearce said...

Good luck in the debate. Name the date and I'll try to get down there.

The real choices now are simple - in or out. No more of this 'in Europe but not run by Europe' crap peddled by the political mainstream.

Looks like a good battle between FC United and Chorley for promotion this year...