Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Conservative Party Variety Show

A few years ago I attended a number of party conferences and Tory conferences in the 1980s used to be great affairs. Although policy couldn't be changed there were serious politicians and serious debates with excellent contributions by the membership from the floor. When did it change? Was it Blair, and the Tories copying his slick PR style that did it?

This year's Tory conference is more like a variety show. At times it looks they're using a breakfast TV studio and then there is music blaring out from Take That, or somebody else seen as 'trendy' by Tory grandees, while a dreary video is shown. The tedious habit of making speeches while strolling around the stage is another instant turn-off. How apt that geeky Miliband uses that particular technique.

We've gone, these past weeks, from the pantomime that is the UKIP conference, through the Labour and Lib Dem charades to the Tory variety show this week. If nothing else they have shown what a busted flush most of our political parties are. They have also confirmed that none of them will be getting my vote next time around.

Sadly theses conferences can't be called victories of style over substance, even the style is dreary and tedious. Bring back the statesmen and serious political thinkers of yesteryear. Or am I just becoming an old fart?


Richard Collins said...

Yes and no Greg. Yes, we want some integrity restored and, no, you are not an old fart.
Bring back David Davies, get rid of Cameron, Osborne and Hague. Give Nadine Dorries a role and shake the whole party up to get them out of PC mode.

Sean O'Hare said...

Greg, I know you fell out with UKIP, but I still think you are being unnecessarily disparaging about this years conference. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but by all accounts it was the best attended and most upbeat yet. Tell me, why are you and so many other ex members so anti the party itself? I understand that you have issues with the leadership, but in my view they are still the best chance we have of extricating ourselves from the clutches of the EU.

Gregg said...

Maybe you could answer my question Sean. Why do you think UKIP are our best chance of leaving the EU?

In the meantime those current UKIP MEPs have spent little of their wealth accumulated on developing the party in the UK. They have few elected councillors, apart from a handful of co-opted town/parish councillors. Their few elected councillors were defectors from other parties who usually lose their seats when standing for UKIP.

The only member of the leadership I dislike, and I have since I first met him in 2000, is Farage. The man is a charlatan and a fraud.

I have yet to hear how UKIP's strategy of Petainism/Vichyism will extricate us from the EU, that is the real issue I have. It is the same reason I am not becoming involved with the We Want A Referendum Party.

Daz Pearce said...

New Labour changed the rules of the game Gregg - clearly for the worse but their impact is undeniable.

Politics as a battle of ideas is seen as 'so last year' and perhaps the reason the 80s were a better time politically is because there was a real political choice at the time.

People like Michael Foot deserve respect for their courage and honesty, even though they were profoundly wrong. No attempt to 'sell' the message whatsoever.