Monday, October 29, 2012

Time For A Real Conservative Party?

Cameron is looking increasingly isolated on the question of the European Union. More and more politicians seem to be waking up the nightmare that is the European Union. Except Cameron, who seems to be doing a great impression of a lemming. The only real chance the Tories have of winning the next election is to bin him. But who could replace him?

At the last election I made the mistake of voting Tory as the best of a pitiful bunch of misfit candidates. Sadly David Morris was elected who seems to have a backbone of jelly. I contacted him for his views on gay marriage and he didn't have a view. He informed me that there was a public consultation process and he would await the outcome of that before forming an opinion. What a prize prat. If he had said that he was in favour I would hgave disgreed with him, but would have respected his opinion. But to effecrtively say that he would wait to see which bandwagon to jump on proves to me that he is a man with no principles or genuinely held political beliefs, a waste of space.

This sorry state leaves me unable to vote Tory at the next election. Even if they bin Cameron I could never again vote for a political tart like David Morris. So, in the absence of a serious conservative/right of centre political party that isn't full of sundry loonies, headbangers and galloping egomaniacs it looks like I'll be abstaining at the next election, as I will be on November 15 when the elections to Cameron's latest gravy train take place.

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Daz Pearce said...

Your MP sounds like, well...most of them if we're honest.

The two major parties essentially exist on the basis of not being each other, playing out the sort of tribal battle that has made people habitual voters for one or the other.

The day they're dreading is when sufficient numbers wake up and realise that they're essentially the same.

The specific problem that the Tories have is that of being the most hated institution in Britain. Conservative policies are actually quite popular until voters realise who it aligns them with.

In their present incarnation they are a lost cause. When one main party (probably the Tories) are the first to go, the other will soon follow and IMO it will be a race to see which ideas move into the vacuum.

They might be exciting times, but are probably 20 or so years away...