Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

I really don't see the point of elected police chiefs, it's just another ConDem gimmick. Sadly Cameron seems to have learnt a little too well from Blair and his Tory Party is just a smoothish facade with no substance.

For many years we have had police authorities consisting of the great and the good, and elected representatives. I fail to see how one elected, highly paid police chief is going to make the police more accountable, especially if that chief is John Prescott or some other failed politico.

The only argument anybody has put to me in favour was that being elected will make them accountable to us. Oh yes, just like the elected government?

To date we have had no information from the state about this mammoth breakthrough in democracy, so it is highly unlikely that I will be voting in November to put whatever nitwit stands onto yet another highly paid gravy train.

Maybe somebody could persuade me otherwise.


Daz Pearce said...

Law and liberty are too important to leave to Sun and Star readers. One of those areas where democracy will invariably mean mob rule...

Gregg said...

Isn't lumping the readers of one or more newspapers together in a derogatory manner just as bad as lumping races together in a derogatory manner? Just a thought.

Daz Pearce said...

I was using the gutter press and its readers as a metaphor for the kind of cheap populism that should never, ever be brought into application of the law.

Didn't come out quite the way it was intended, so point taken.

Gregg said...

I know what you meant Daz, I was just playing devil's advocate.