Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Andrew Mitchell and Class War

I always had doubts about the sacking of Andrew Mitchell and it looks increasingly like he has been the victim of a conspiracy. Even if he had used the word 'pleb' big deal! If everybody who lost his temper at work was sacked the dole queues would be even bigger than they are now. The hysteria around name calling, be it 'pleb', 'black bastard' or whatever shows just how infantilised we have become as a society. Grow up and get on with it.

But with Andrew Mitchell it looks increasingly like the actions of the police involved came down to politics and sheer spitefulness. The Police Association are becoming ever more hysterical about the cuts, which in my opinion are nowhere enough, and they seem to be increasingly obsessed with political correctness rather than good old fashioned policing. Public trust in the police is at an all time low which should worry everybody. But I suppose it is inevitable as so many years of Labour in power has corrupted and weakened just about every British institution. It is increasingly like living in a banana republic, and Cameron hasn't got the balls to do what is needed-shrink the state and cut taxes.

The backdrop to all this is a nasty vindictiveness towards people seen as from a class above, or seen as a having a bit more money than most, stoked up as ever by the hate filled hypocrites in the Labour Party. It seems that we have to treat everybody with dignity and respect, even convicts, but God help you if you are seen as successful or wealthy, then it's open season in the most hateful and unpleasant manner. So Cameron is from a wealthy background and went to a public school. A similar background to Blair then. If people want to knock him, as I frequently do, then do it for sound political reasons, not because you're an envious, bitter and hate filled socialist who begrudges success.

How long before the morons from UK Uncut start attacking individuals who earn more than minimum wage because they're bored of whining about Starbucks?


Gary said...

Gregg, I know the guy who broke this story. He is actually a neighbour of Mitchell, and has known him a long time. From what he tells me, I suspect that neither of us would care to break bread with Mitchell!

But yes, this does raise questions about our police. They need to be knocked off their perches, I think. They are clearly above the law now, and that needs to change.

Daz Pearce said...

Mitchell has always struck me as a Grade A tosser since he appeared on TV celebrating the latest increase in the International Aid budget, but then perverting the course of justice is a serious matter, particularly when the filth are themselves complicit.

Had a Starbucks last week and I swear the tax avoidance made it taste even better. I'd reccomend them...