Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Annual Police Terror

The Annual Police Terror is upon us. From now until New Year there will suddenly be police on most of our roads in numbers we all thought the cuts had made impossible. God help you if you've necked a quick glass of port at the office Christmas Party.

No doubt there will be morbid TV ads of angelic children explaining how daddy was cruelly taken from them by a nasty man who'd had a pint of Hobgoblin before driving home. There'll be a sobbing walk-on actor telling us all, voice shaking, how he wiped out a family of six while driving after eating a packet of wine gums.

Yesterday there was a disgusting phone-in on BBC Radio2 with people proudly telling us how they'd grassed up loved ones to the police. One woman proudly told us how she'd grassed up her mother-in-law who had been on the sherry before driving home. The poor woman was nicked, dragged off to the station and released without charge. She was innocent and her son is now, thankfully, divorced. The Stasi would be proud of modern Britain.

Merry Christmas.

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Daz Pearce said...

It has very sinister overtones of Nazi Germany doesn't it?

Quite grateful for the fact I don't drive - a few pals of mine have commented previously that they always seem to get pulled over at this time of year.

The truth is that the offence of drink driving in itself makes little sense. We all know that some can have a few then drive perfectly safely, while others can't and should count out mixing the two altogether.

It's for the individual to display sufficient sense and self-awareness. Dangerous driving is no more or less dangerous because the driver has or has not had a few beers or smoked a joint.