Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sign of the Times

Last time I was in Manchester (last weekend) I bumped into somebody I used to know. He's in his fifties now and I can't remember the last time he had a job, he still hasn't got one.

I saw him last about twelve months ago when he proceeded to slag off the government, expressing his anger quite forcefully and regretting having voted Conservative. When I asked him what the problem was it was that the DSS had sent him for a medical as he'd been on disability/invalidity benefit, at least that's what I think it was, and they were checking he was still medically unfit for work. His anger was induced by the fact that they had found him perfectly fit and able to work.

This time I saw him I asked how he was getting on. He smiled and told me how was now being treated for mental health problems. He's still on benefits. I'm not sure but I swear he winked as he told me.

Nice to know how our hard earned taxes are being spent isn't it? Then nutty lefties rant about us, and businesses, not paying enough tax. Stuff 'em!


Stuart Heal said...

If you've got the use of your limbs and your brain's working reasonably OK, you can do some kind of work. If you can't find work, you can make your own job - with the internet, it's never been easier to make a start, and if you're long-temr unemployed you can even get help from the government. I've been self-employed for just over six months now. I'm not making much money yet, but at least I'm not sitting around taking handouts. Being a scrounger is no life for anyone with any sense of self-worth.

Daz Pearce said...

Go past the pubs at lunchtime and it'll really make you question who the stupid people are.

One of the major problems is that successive governments, hell-bent on working down the official unemployment figure, moved millions of jobless people onto some sort of sickness benefit deliberately.

Your friend should of course look for work if he is ill, but then his behaviour is totally rational when the options are weighed up. Take low-earners out of tax altogether and create an environment in which work always, always pays more than welfare. Then we might be able to influence human behaviour in a positive way.

Oh, and having called senior management 'a bunch of fucking retards' only yesterday I would hate to live in a society where sincerely felt anger at useless authority was criminalised!!