Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Greater Manchester PCC-Another Publicly Funded Parasite

Tony Lloyd, not Shirley Williams
Last November the electorate showed what they think of our rulers' wonderful idea of Police and Crime Commissioners by not bothering to turn out to vote for them. That huge rejection was seen as a ringing  endorsement by our idiotic Prime Minister. That made him officially the biggest prat in the country.

But now, step forward Pillock Cynic and Clown  Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester, former labour MP Tony Lloyd. Within eight months of garnering a pitiful percentage of the votes of the austerity hit electorate, he has decided he is so important that he needs a deputy on £55,000 a year.

In these austere times it's funny how our rulers always manage to find extra cash to splash while the rest of the country, living in the real world, have to tighten our belts.

If those holding public office in this country want our respect they'd better start bloody well earning it!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Or for £55,000 he could employ two extra coppers?

T Bishop Finger said...

You can't keep a good Labour Party Looter down

Anonymous said...

We are having fun with our PCC in North Yorkshire, one Julia Mulligan.

Her chair is a certain Carl Les, who has not denied public accusations of making fraudlent expense claims.

Another panel member, Brian Simpson, is also a "double-dipper".

And not to forget Julia's beloved husband, North Yorks County Cllr Patrick Mulligan, who has also made fraudulent expense claims.

But then just about every chief officer in North Yorkshire Police is on the fiddle as well.

Do see the stories on: