Monday, July 08, 2013

L'Enclume and Andy Murray

How good to see a British winner of Wimbledon, especially after that bloody miserable Scot blew it last year. That should get any swivel eyed lunatic Nazional Scotialists reading frothing into their porridge. But calm down, it was a joke!

Seriously I've had such a great weekend I even cheered Andy Murray when I got to watch the final game yesterday. He still didn't get massively animated though did he? Anyway, enough.

We've had a couple of days in Cartmel celebrating my beloved's significant birthday. If you like your food and drink Cartmel is heaven on earth. If you are into your gee gees too it has what must be the most picturesque racecourse in the country. For history buffs there is also the wonderful twelfth century Cartmel Priory.

We started in the priory then meandered over to say hello to Peter at Unsworth's Yard brewery and enjoyed a pint of Crusader Gold. What a pint!

Next up the cheese shop, also in Unsworth's Yard. We selected a couple of damn fine local chesses, a tub of olives and a packet of locally produced crackers. We then selected some decent wine at David's wineshop (Peter's brother) and had an impromptu picnic sat in the sunshine. David's wineshop is also well worth a visit, but don't just take my word for it read this article in Lancashire Life.

Then last night it was the wonderful L'Enclume a four hour plus feast of the finest food and wine. L'Enclume really is one for the old bucket list. We last visited nearly two years ago and thought it couldn't improve. Believe me, it has! And to prove it they now have two Michelin Stars. It's not cheap, but it is worth every penny.

We topped the night off with a luxurious room in L'Enclume House and were treated to a delicious Lakeland breakfast this morning in Rogan & Co.

Sometimes getting home is just a little disappointing.


Rosie said...

We just need to buy that lovely little cottage now to ascend to our heaven

Gregg said...

Eh up Rosie. We'll see about that, maybe your next birthday pressie. Cheaper than L'Enclume!!