Thursday, November 06, 2014

Gay Wedding Cakes and a Burning Effigy of Fatboy

Two things angered me today. Yes, that's right only two, but it's only 16:10 so there's time yet. Of course driving into Morecambe today a couple of motorists pissed me off, but that's usual and not worth banging on about.

No today a gay wedding cake pissed me off and a burning effigy of Alex 'Fatboy' Salmond did. But what really angered me was the intervention of the police state into both episodes.

I think we should all move to Lewes in Sussex, especially if you live in a high crime area because in Lewes they have no crime to investigate. It must be a no crime area because the police are investigating the burning on a bonfire of an effigy of Scotland's very own Kim Jong Un Alex Salmond. When asked why the police were wasting their time on triviality like this the reply came: "Well, a member of the public complained so we have to investigate". Forgive me but would the police investigate if I phoned and complained that Gregg's had run out of Steak Bakes? There are times even the police state should tell idiot members of the public to piss off and grow up.

Now then, anger inducer number two was news that a baker, in Northern Ireland I think, is being dragged through the police state legal system by the Stasi (aka Equal Opportunities Commission or some similar gang of fucking misfits) for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. Now personally I think they should have just got on with it but eh, if their conscience and moral beliefs dictate that baking a gay wedding cake is verboten then so be it. It used to be that totalitarian states oppressed gay people, how times have changed, now our police state oppresses people who object to gay marriage. Or, put it another way, our police state kicks peoples' doors down at dawn for not baking a cake.

Why didn't they just find a baker who would have baked their sodding cake? Of course, the couple are going for compensation.

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Daz Pearce said...

Thanks for the 'gay wedding cake' story - missed that completely.

You've just made me almost cry with laughter.

It could have been worse - the baker could have agreed to bake the cake and then stuck pink icing on it. Then it would REALLY have kicked off!!