Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rape and Unemployment

Sports journalist and role model Charlie Webster
There's been quite a fuss made of the release of footballer Ched Evans, he went to prison for rape but his case is currently being reviewed. There have been demands that he never play football again and two or three people have resigned from honorary positions at Sheffield United FC where he is currently training, though not employed. The main thrust of the outcry is that footballers, supposedly, are role models. Really?

Interestingly a woman called Charlie Webster has led the outcry and is one of those who resigned from her position at Sheffield United. The main thrust of her argument is that he is not a good role model. Well I think this article might suggest that Charlie, a sports journalist, stripping off for a lad mag isn't such a wonderful role model herself.

Firstly I don't accept that footballers are role models. Role models are people in your life who have a real influence on you. Parents, teachers, priests, relatives. In other words people who are real and whose behaviour has a direct influence on people, especially younger people. A man kicking a ball about is just that.  He is one dimensional, he is not 'real'.

While rape is clearly one of the most vile crimes, there are many other vile crimes. If a footballer commits another crime should he never be allowed to work again either? Is it right that criminals in high profile positions should be treated more severely than the rest of us? Does the law no longer apply equally to all men? Should all rapists be forced to pay for the rest of their lives, even after they have been punished? Or just famous ones?

If Ched Evans is never allowed to work again the logical conclusion is that no convicted criminal should ever be allowed to work again because every criminal is a role model to somebody, somewhere whether it be to a son or daughter, a friend, a relative or whoever. If that is the case we have completely given up on rehabilitation and will be creating even more huge problems for the future, problems that will impose painful financial and moral burdens on us in the future.

But I don't think that will be the case. I firmly believe the Ched Evans affair is yet another example of the lynch mob mentality of social media and the desire of so many people today to be regularly morally outraged and offended.


Anonymous said...

For gods sake the man is a rapist and should not be allowed back on the public platform. Before saying he has done is time think "what if this was your Daughter" yes I'm sure you would think differently and if not then I can only assume you thing RAPE is's NOT under ANY circumstances.

Gregg said...

How dare you try and say I think rape is acceptable you semi-literate, hysterical twat. Now fuck off if you can't understand reasoned argument and make a dick of yourself on another blog.

Anonymous said...

So you think I am a 'Dick' because I wrote that he shouldn't be allowed back on a public platform. Well, I'm not alone as more and more people are saying the same thing!

Gregg said...

That just means there are lots of dicks you prick. Now fuck off!

Daz Pearce said...

Gregg, the quality of your trolls is declining rapidly. Even the Rabbit used to get some half-decent trolls...

Of course your basic point is right - Evans' case is under review and this wasn't 'man pouncing up an alleyway' rape, but, I suspect, operating in a very grey area where one person thinks they have consent (and has acted like a complete dick in the process) and the other thinks it crosses the line into violation.

Messy shit and the product of a complicated world. I'll admit to being stunned that 1) Evans' mate was acquitted and 2) they returned a unanimous verdict against him. I'd have been far from 'beyond reasonable doubt' had I been on the jury.

At most, the guy's made a terrible mistake rather than being a monster and he deserves the chance to rehabilitate himself. There should be no glass ceiling on that or we're opening up a nasty can of worms.