Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weirdos, Freaks and Nutjobs

You can tell there's a general election coming soon, the bullshit is getting worse and worse.

The Labour Party is claiming the Tories are going to privatise the NHS. I'm 55 now and remember the Labour Party coming out with the same lie since 1974, at least. It's a lie, if they did promise to privatise the NHS I would be definitely voting for them. It won't happen.

The Labour Party are also claiming they will  control immigration. Bullshit. As long as we are in the EU they cannot control immigration. From 1997 to 2010 they let as many migrants into the country annually as the Tory/Lib Dim coalition has since 2010. It won't happen.

My MP is David Morris, who calls himself a 'Conservative' but is definitely not, in my opinion, conservative. He's  a fantastic politician, bullshit flows from him freely and frequently. I fear the consequences of a Labour government, especially if backed up by the Scottish Nazionalists, but while David Morris is my Tory candidate I will not be voting Tory.

On Friday I received a letter from Morris on House of Commons stationery. He was telling me how he voted against same sex marriage and was responding to my enquiry about his voting intention on that issue. The vote on same sex marriage was, as I remember, in June 2013. My enquiry was prior to that. So why respond now, nearly two years later? There's a general election coming up and you can't use House of Commons stationery for party political literature. I wouldn't dream of accusing him of breaking or even bending the rules. But it makes you wonder.

Now then, Jeremy Clarkson. I've worked as a TV extra and know that the days can be very long, tedious and often freezing cold and wet if filming outdoors, it's as bad for the actors as it is for the lowly extras. Jeremy Clarkson had spent a very long day, sixteen hours I think, outdoors, in shocking weather, filming a piece for Top Gear. When he got back to hotel, very late, very cold and very wet, there was no hot food. He found the producer responsible for the cock up and bollocked him severely then allegedly smacked him. Quite right too, I would have done likewise. The incompetent producer should have been sacked, not Clarkson. As a consequence the BBC will now lose millions in revenue from Top Gear. That's public service for you, fuck the taxpayer!

Finally, never believe the apologists for Islam. The father of one of the three young slappers who went off to have sex with ISIS has claimed the government, the police, MI5, old uncle Tom Cobbly and all were responsible for her vile belief in a murderous, barbaric religion. Of course him being a vile, barbaric, Islamist nutjob, as exposed in yesterday's newspapers, had nothing to do with it.Oh no, course it didn't.

May 7th is election day. One thing I do know is that nothing will change. We will wake up on 8th May still ruled by weirdos and freaks who oppress us but protect the 'human rights' of nutjobs, especially Islamic nutjobs.

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