Saturday, August 15, 2015

Margaret Thatcher and the Daily Mail

Since the general election it's been great fun watching the leftards blaming everybody for Labour's defeat other than the Labour Party. They claim it was the evil right-wing media claiming that a Labour/Scottish Nazionalist coalition would turn us into the new North Korea, and that scared people into voting Tory.

By 'right-wing' they usually mean the Daily Mail. When a leftard loses the argument he invariably blames the Daily Mail or Daily Mail readers. It's lazy in the extreme and extremely patronising towards a huge swathe of the population. When they are really desperate they hark back to the Mail's owner in the thirties who was sympathetic to Hitler's National Socialists. I wonder how these people react when they meet an actual German?

Then there is their pathological, obsessive hatred of Margaret Thatcher. I'm amazed the leftards haven't blamed Mrs Thatcher for the flash floods down south this week. Bear in mind Mrs Thatcher left office in 1990, 25 years ago. Now I was a young lad in 1970, 25 years after the end of World War II. I don't remember there being irrational hatred towards Germany in 1970 for bombing the shit out of us and slaughtering millions in the Holocaust. No, the Germans were forgiven pretty sharpish.

I can only repeat, yet again, that socialism is a form of mental illness.

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Jim said...

You're right, socialism is indeed a form of mental illness. I have a friend who is genuinely mentally ill - when he's sick, he thinks he's in contact with higher beings, has powers that the rest of us minions can't see or understand, and has important work to do that must not be in any way prevented by the 'little people' ie us normals. As a result he's been sectioned loads of times and now has to take fairly heavy duty medication to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Socialists are exactly the same - convinced of their own moral superiority, regard their opponents as sub humans who may be used and abused as they see fit, have a manifest destiny that cannot be brooked and cannot conceive that others may have the same objectives but differing ways of achieving them. Its a measure of the sickness that all socialist societies descend to the 3 am knock and human rights abuse - you have to be pretty f*cked up to be able to justify that sort of behaviour for a political aim.