Friday, August 14, 2015

The Final Nail in the Labour Party's Coffin?

I don't understand why the loony left are getting so giddy, it seems to me that electing Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader will be the final nail in Labour's coffin. Maybe that's what they want, the final demise of socialism as lemming like they dive off the political cliff claiming martyrdom in the name of the workers. That's one of the reasons thousands of political activists have registered as Labour supporters to vote Corbyn in and keep Labour out.

Over 150 000 have registered/infiltrated since the general election and many thousands of those are political opponents wanting to vote for Corbyn. We don't know exactly how many but I'd guess more than enough to ensure Corbyn wins in the first round with over 50%. Should it come to counting second or third preference votes Corbyn is highly unlikely to win so that 50% plus is vital on the first count.

It's interesting that the left are already blaming the Daily Mail, that new bete noir for them to vent their spleens against when  they tire of blaming Maggie Thatcher for their failings. They never look at their ludicrous socialist policies being enacted in other countries and use reason and logic to conclude that socialism is a spent force. No, it's easier to scapegoat a politician who left office a quarter of a century ago and has since died, or to blame a newspaper. To use a sporting analogy they are like poor losers after a football game who blame the referee rather than their own team's failings.

On the question of socialist basket cases take a look at North Korea. Take a look at Venezuela, sat on one of the world's biggest oil fields but an economic basket case thanks to socialism. Take a look at Cuba, doctors could earn more driving battered old taxis than caring for people.

The ballot papers start going out today for the Labour leadership, the final nail in the Labour party's coffin. I can't wait. Farewell Labour,  you won't be missed.

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