Sunday, August 30, 2015

Politically Correct Delusion

We may have a Conservative government but we do not have a conservative government. What we have is yet another social democrat government, which we have had for most of the post-WWII era. The exception was probably Mrs Thatcher's government, which is why she is so reviled by the sheep of the left. Whatever you think of her Mrs Thatcher put the country first ahead of vested interests, especially the hated trade unions.

I honestly can't trace a difference between Cameron and Blair, maybe apart from Cameron not yet behaving like a bloodthirsty war criminal, but there's time. Blair opened our borders to limitless numbers of migrants, Cameron welcomed over 333,000 migrants to this country last year, ably continuing the national destruction begun by Blair and his predecessors.

The brainwashed, deluded politically correct who think they are so right might scoff but this country is seen as one of the most attractive, tolerant and civilised countries in the world. If you don't agree then answer this simple question: Why do so many people, wealthy and poor, so desperately want to come and live here?

The fabric of this country is held together by the British people, our institutions that have developed over centuries and our history. These are the things that make this country such an attractive place to live. What we are doing now is destroying that which made us what we are at the behest of social democracy, which is synonymous with political correctness. No country can absorb 250,000 to 33,000 immigrants a year without being fundamentally changed. Witness the record levels of anti-Semitic attracts in the UK and elsewhere in Europe in recent years, largely due to the violent philosophy of Islam, an alien philosophy.

There is an artificial debate about the NHS and other public services, largely centred around the socialist obsession with money. I know the current leftie PC lie about immigration is that immigrants economically contribute to the country, but they don't all. A wealthy businessman coming here to set up a business may create wealth. A beggar from Romania or a barman from Slovakia doesn't add anything, they just redistribute money that is already here. There is also the question of why, with 2,000,000 unemployed we are allowing unskilled people in by the hundreds of thousands, but that's for another time.

The next question for the PC lefties is why don't immigrants use public services? Quite clearly they do, which means they don't just give economically they also take. They need schools, roads, accommodation, healthcare. If you add thousands upon thousands to your population every year of course you are draining public services. If you keep adding beer to a pint pot that is full it overflows and you stop adding beer.

But of course that is common sense, and political correctness ignores common sense and reality. Political correctness is driven by ideology and the brainwashed would rather watch the country die than admit they are wrong.

On an emotional level the politically correct suffer from emotional retardation. They get a nice warm glow by showing off how very much more 'tolerant' and 'caring' they are than us nasty realists. They feel so superior when they can attack realists as 'racists', 'homophobes' or any other 'phobe' they care to unthinkingly throw at realists. As I've said before when they can't do that they accuse realists of being brainwashed by 'the right wing media', usually the Daily Mail.

If you have any doubts about the left's disconnection from reality then look at the Labour Party leadership election. Everybody I know knows somebody who has paid their £3 to register to vote but is not a Labour supporter. Some are lefties wanting to force the Labour Party to the left by voting for Corbyn, others are people on the right wanting to wreck the Labour Party by voting for Corbyn. I'd say that I know of dozens of people who have done this and I know of only one who has had his vote rejected.

Multiply that throughout a nation of 65,000,000 people and I would guess many thousands of people have registered to vote or, infiltrated which is more accurate. But Labour are desperately claiming that there has been negligible infiltration. They have rejected about 3000 peoples' registrations and pretend the job's been done.

It's a bit like Blair claiming that opening our doors to open immigration from the EU would only result in a trickle of immigrants.

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