Sunday, October 04, 2015

Football In Rome-SS Lazio

What an utter, pathetic, imbecilic shambles trying to get to watch Lazio was today. Yes, I don't like them, they play in the same colours as Manchester's less successful and less well supported club but eh, it's Rome so let's try it.

En route to the stadium a couple of lads told us how they had serious trouble in Rome getting tickets. Seems .....

Do you know, I'm now losing the will to live recounting this tedious tale, so suffice to say that Lazio are shite at selling tickets, and let's face it bums on seats is what it should be about, so we pissed off and had a nice meal and a few drinks instead.

Our only worse experience is Rome's tourist information offices. They are staffed by sullen miserabilists who treat you like a piece of dross wafting in from the street and immediately you ask a question refer you elsewhere.

Apart from that it's great.

We're off to Naples for the day tomorrow.

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