Saturday, October 03, 2015

More On Rome

Rome is a fantastic place, an absolute must see, but be careful where you eat. On our first full day here I had food poisoning, not enough to be rushed off for treatment but enough to make the sightseeing a little uncomfortable.

My advice is avoid the really cheap cafes/restaurants, they are cheap for a reason. If a main course is a tenner be careful, if paying 6 Euros more means you avoid food poisoning it's money well spent. I'm not sure where I copped it but it was one of three places. In the third place I saw asterisks by most of the dishes. When I looked at the bottom of the page they were all frozen meals. That is probably why similar dishes look identical in all the cheap cafes/restaurants, they're all at it.

But don't be put off, there is some fantastic food around but remember, saving a couple of quid could be dangerous.

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