Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another One Bites The Dust

I'm not a supporter of capital punishment, but there are times when certain events make me, like anybody else, wonder if it's the only option.

Earlier today Frasier Glenn Miller, a 74 year old white supremacist, was sentenced to death by a court in Kansas for the murder of three people, for no other reason than that they were Jewish. As the sentence was announced he shouted 'Heil Hitler'.

To a certain element anti-Semitism, which is frighteningly on the rise in Europe reflecting the rise of militant Islam, seems to be the last socially acceptable form of racism. It's good to see that in the USA at least one judge in one court is taking a serious stand against this sickness.

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Daz Pearce said...

Gregg - I won't overly bother you. Hope you and the pub are well.

Like you I could never support the re-introduction of capital punishment on ethical and moral grounds, but certain events do make you question that principle, at least occasionally.

Your pouint about anti-semitism being disturbingly kosher (pun intended) in this day and age is spot on.

RIP and God bless Stefan Kizsko - a poor, vulnerable and frightened young man who spent sixteen years in jail as a 'child killer' when he demonstrably did not commit the crime.

Whenever I doubt my opposition to the death penalty I try to remember him.