Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's A Mad, Mad World

As we hurtle towards the end of another year most of us start looking back on the last twelve months, and start to really recognise how the madness has continued unabated.

Let's look at the Labour Party first, a bunch of loonies at the best of times but now they are flying at the speed of sound towards total insanity. It started with Miliband changing their leadership election rules so that, for a mere £3, you could register as a supporter and vote in their leadership election. All you had to agree to was a belief in equality and stuff like that, all the stuff that's a bit airy fairy and hypothetical. So, many thousands of us signed up and got one of politics biggest losers elected as party leader. I've never laughed so much for a mere £3, much cheaper than a night at the Comedy Store.

Corbyn is the loser who has been on the backbenches since being elected in 1983. In fact I think he has been a cryogenic experiment and was actually deep frozen in 1983 his views have changed so little. A real throwback who is doing everything we hoped he would do. Keep up the good work Agent Corbyn but ease off a little, we don't want your leadership challenged in 2016, you have more work to do to really wreck the Labour Party.

Then we've Angela Merkel, the barking mad dominatrix of the German people. She who had the genius idea of opening up Germany to migrants and nutjobs from all over the muslim world. Problem being that once said nutjobs enter Germany and register they are free to move throughout Europe. Frau Merkel is apparently so stupid she didn't realise that this would produce a crisis.

I thought at the time that Merkel/the EU created the crisis to eventually offer the EU as the only solution to the problem. Lo and behold, this week the EU has announced the creation of a land and naval border security force (army and navy) under control of the EU with the power to close a country's borders whether that country wants its borders closed or not. If you trust the EU you are clearly in need of help!

So this year we have had thousands and thousands of muslim migrants from all over the world flooding unchecked into Europe. ISIS announced a long time ago its intention to infiltrate psychopaths into Europe disguised as refugees. But dare raise these issues and the politically correct nutjobs accuse YOU of extremism and claim that the overwhelming majority of muslims are lovely and cuddly. Oh aye, well name one muslim country you would be happy to live in.

Across the pond, one of the San Bernadino butchers had entered the USA legally but checks hadn't found her extremist background. Donald Trump suggested that closing the US borders to muslims until the mess was sorted out might be a good idea. The politically correct nutjobs went so hysterical they started foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs. "You can't stop people coming into your country like that!" they screamed. Then started an online petition to stop Donald Trump entering the UK. Of course the BBC made great play of 500,000 people signing said petition. They forgot to mention that a petition to stop (muslim) immigration into the UK immediately had also garnered 500,000. signatures.

It really is a mad, mad world.

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