Thursday, December 31, 2015

Don't Look Back In Anger

New Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn
2015 saw the Tories, very marginally the lesser of two evils, win a majority in the general election leading to disastrous Labour leader Ed Miliband riding off into the sunset. Enter stage left the even bigger disaster, new Labour leader Jeremy "Call Me Comrade" Corbyn.

Corbyn's election was greeted by the delusional left as a "breath of fresh air" and the election of an "anti-politician leader". The reality is that Corbyn has the distinctive stench of the particularly vile brand of left-wing politics that brought this country to its knees in the 1970s. Most people mature over several decades, Corbyn is stuck in the past, preserved in aspic. He is of the deeply patronising class warrior persuasion while coming from a very comfortable middle class background. Ever heard a Bob Dylan song "The Times They are A'Changing" Jezza?

As for him being the anti-politician, man of the people confronting all those career politicians, don't make me laugh. Despite going to a very good grammar school Jezza bypassed higher education and went to work first as a trade union official, then for the Labour Party. He was elected to represent Islington in 1983. Hardly a solid grounding in the real world of work and life. Since then, until being  elected leader, he had never been trusted by his party in any other position than backbench loose cannon. Since 1983 he has voted consistently against his own party, but now demands loyalty from his parliamentary colleagues.

Then we saw Frau Merkel, stern dominatrix of the German volk, inviting the world's poor, oppressed and hate filled jihadis into Europe, no questions asked. This open door policy has seen over 1,000,000 people invading Europe, clearly the most irresponsible move by a senior European politician this century. I wrote about our experiences travelling with illegal immigrants from Austria to Germany before so, rather than bore you, just clink on this link if you care to read it.

Since then we have seen migrants fighting each other, radicalising migrants already here and seen a rise in far right parties across Europe as populations become ever angrier at being consistently ignored by the establishment of country after country. I will not go on about this as I wrote about my views on the subject in this post.

Underpinning the constant undermining of our way of life is political correctness, a form of intellectual imprisonment that suppresses freedom by accusing those opposing certain policies of being 'offensive' or guilty of an 'ism'. A couple of big examples in recent weeks have brought the nonsense of political correctness into sharp focus.

Donald Trump is running for the Republican Party nomination in the US presidential election. Unlike career politicians Trump sees muslims slaughtering people all over the world and does not pretend that this has nothing to do with Islam, it clearly does. When one of the San Bernardino murderers was found to have gone through the US vetting system, without her easily traceable radicalisation in Pakistan being flagged up, he called for a temporary halt to muslims entering the US until the system was reviewed and reformed to prevent this happening again. The politically correct immediately screamed racism (despite Islam being a religion) and 500,000 of the emotionally incontinent in the UK signed a petition condemning his call to ban anybody entering any country by calling for Trump to be banned from entering the UK. But that's lefties for you, hypocrites to a man.

Meanwhile Oxford University's Oriel College is under siege from the terminally offended for having a statue to nineteenth century imperialist and entrepreneur Sir Cecil Rhodes. They claim the statue could somehow offend black students because of Rhodes' work in southern Africa. This is supposed to be one of the world's finest universities but the students, and some academics, are behaving like tyrannical Stalinist madmen who think that removing statues removes history. Well it doesn't and why would rational, thinking human beings want to? It shows how inadequate and second rate our education system is now.

Tell you what, a real way to attack Rhodes would be for all those people now attacking, from all ethnic backgrounds, who have gained degrees supported financially by Rhodes Scholarships to hand back their degrees and repay the Rhodes money they were happy to take. But don't hold your breath.

So best wishes to all and I hope you have a happy and prosperous 2016. Attack political correctness wherever rears its ugly head and stay rational.

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