Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hate not Hope-The Labour Left

The result of last year's referendum has unleashed a tsunami of hate from Britain's left. Ironic really considering that Corbyn voted to leave the then European Community in 1975 and was elected to parliament originally in 1983 on a Labour manifesto that included a promise to withdraw Britain from the European Union.

But the latest wave of far left hatred in Britain was actually triggered with the election of Corbyn as Labour leader. Corbyn and his sidekick John McDonnell are the ones who unleashed the red stormtroopers of Momentum on the 'Labour movement', driven by hatred which they are not averse to voicing. They hate people with a few more bob in the bank. They hate anybody who disagrees with them, be they people in their own party or, God help us, we evil fascists who are not socialists.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been popping into a Facebook page called Home of British Politics' it would make a fascinating political/sociological study. We tend to think the 1970s and early '80s with the hatred of Militant, the SWP and trade union attacks on our very democracy are gone and we live in a more enlightened age. Forget it. Corbyn and company are every bit as hate filled as Militant and they have taken over the Labour Party, something Militant never managed. They are supported on social media, maybe the equivalent of standing on a street corner flogging Militant or Socialist Worker back in the old days, by the usual malcontents and outright freaks who have historically been the foot soldiers of the left.

HofBP really is where you find the Corbynistas in one huge, concentrated dung heap. Over the last fortnight I've heard a Corbynista wishing disability on somebody who disagreed with him. I've heard another contributor attacked as a 'racist' for criticising Diane Abbott. Somebody else was called a 'paedo' for disagreeing with a Corbynista. If you don't fall for the brainwashing of the Corbynistas you are accused of being a cold hearted bastard who is happy to see millions of homeless people on our streets and will be laughing when they freeze to death on the streets this winter. Accusations like that are thrown at anybody who disagrees with a Corbynista, regardless of the topic being discussed, and by many more than one person.

Of course there is the usual problem with these insults, that the left make up their own vocabulary. Racism, fascism, homophobia, sexism and so many other highly emotive words have become general terms of abuse because the left, in their hatred, throw these words at anybody who dares to challenge them whether or not the use of those words is appropriate. The fact that this hateful misuse of so much of our language disrespects and trivialises the real sufferings of victims of racism, homophobia etc. is irrelevant to the left, they just want to feed their venom and hatred and shut down people who disagree with them.

I've mentioned the hatred of the left in previous posts, and how the hatred of those who have now taken control of the Labour Party will destroy it, and on an almost daily basis I see more and more to strengthen this belief.

Labour will be destroyed because from the top of the party to the bottom they are driven by venom and hatred. No matter how grim things get under this feeble government I still have enough confidence in the people of Britain to not take the socialist road into darkness and self destruction.

But every day I pray that I'm right.

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