Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Daily Mail and Paperchase

This week the Daily Mail has been in the news after dodgy stationery firm Paperchase apologised for advertising in Britain's second biggest selling daily newspaper. I don't remember having ever shopped in Paperchase but I certainly will never step foot in the place now. Their grovelling apology came after being attacked by a shady left-wing hate campaign calling themselves 'Stop Funding Hate', yes ironic isn't it?

Of course the retards of the left, such as Owen Jones who calls himself a journalist and writes in The Guardian, are lauding this attack on freedom and freedom of speech as a victory. Be very careful Jones, you might be the one somebody tries to gag next.

For years and years The Guardian has been the mouthpiece of the patronising liberal left, often known as the 'metropolitan elite'. It espouses hatred in every issue for things that are cherished in Britain. It calls patriots fascists. Anybody who believes in controlling immigration a racist. Anybody who questions gay marriage homophobic. Anybody who questions changing sex transphobic. Anybody who questions Islam is Islamphobic/racist. I could go on but I'm sure you catch my drift.

Now I have had a theory for some time which I would like to share. The left became weary of the accusation of being 'Guardian readers' in a sneering way so looked around. They found the Daily Mail and began attacking the Mail and its readers in the way that The Guardian and its readers have been attacked. After all the Mail openly discusses the things that The Guardian attacks people for merely questioning. We can't possibly debate the current PC orthodoxy can we? That makes you a fascist  and the newspaper you read a mouthpiece for fascism in the closed minds of the liberal left.

Then their fallback position is to scream that the Daily Mail supported fascist leader Oswald Mosley and his blackshirts. True, Viscount Rothermere wrote in the Mail about his support for the Blackshirts in 1934 as he did in the Daily Mirror too. By 1935 Rothermere had withdrawn his support for Moseley and that was that. Now, my Maths isn't brilliant but by my reckoning that brief flirtation was over 83 years ago. The Mirror and its sister paper the Sunday Pictorial continued promoting Mosley's Blackshirts for years after the Mail dropped them.

Many newspapers at the time were much more supportive of fascism than the Mail, such as the Times, but they are not reviled for a brief flirtation in the 1930s that was far more enthusiastic and lasted much longer than the Mail's did. A cursory look back at the 1930s will expose many figures in the establishment being sympathetic to the Nazi regime in Germany or at least enthusiastically pushing appeasement. But life moves on, unless you're a leftard who wants to stoke your artificial hatred of the Daily Mail.

So who are 'Stop Funding Hate'? In a nutshell they are a bunch of left-wing hate mongers who want to stop the rest of us reading anything they may not want to read or don't agree with themselves. They want to force big business, which they loathe anyway, to boycott newspapers of which they disapprove by stopping advertising with them until said newspapers change their editorial line to one that they approve of. It's known generally as censorship. It's also known as attacking freedom of speech.

'Stop Funding Hate' want to control what you can read. They are fascists, not the Daily Mail.

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