Friday, November 09, 2007

What is it about Blairs?

Sir Ian shows what he thinks of us!
Why is it that Blairs never seem to know when we have had enough of them. First Tony now Ian. I bet they would be the bores at the party who stand in the kitchen, boring the host to death at 4-30am, when the poor old host wanted to bugger off to bed, like the rest of the guests had, at 3-00am.

Now in the case of Tony he was elected, so the general public, some of them, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. But in the case of Ian, who by the way should be stripped of his 'K' too, he has no such mandate.

The problem is that the prosecution of the Met for health 'n' safety breaches has muddied the waters. Most thinking people in Britain automatically side with those being terrorised by the health 'n' safety Gestapo, and in the case of the Met, justifiably so. However, the Met has been found guilty of crass incompetence by the IPCC and, for 24 hours after the shooting of the Brazilian, Ian Blair had no idea what, if anything, was going on. In most organisations such a criminally incompetent CEO would have been down the road, months if not years ago.

The problem here is that Ian's boss is Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary. Now, we can't have politicians sacking incompetents can we? Or having a quiet word suggesting that the honorable thing would be to walk? No that wouldn't do. After all we may then expect politicians to behave with honour and dignity! Mind you, remembering poor David Kelly perhaps Ian should think twice before going for any strolls in the woods.

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