Friday, November 30, 2007

Political Whores

The politicians of the three old parties are nothing more than political whores which, I suppose, makes the three old parties political brothels. I apologise if these camparisons offend any working girls, no offence is meant.

Saj Karim is the latest to prove this point. He is an MEP for the North West of England. A few weeks ago he was happily tarting around for the Lib-Dems slagging off David Cameron. Then, this week, he miraculously saw something in the Tories, God knows what, and jumped ship. A bit like a political chameleon really, except that he attacked David Cameron for being one of those a couple of weeks ago! So why did Saj jump ship?

Well, he only came second in the Lib-Dems poll for their Euro list for the 2009 elections. Not bad most might think. But the UK, what's left of the UK, will lose MEPs next time around so that Eastern Europe can elect representatives. One might ask why we don't elect more MEPs in the UK to represent all the Eastern Europeans over here but let's not be petty. As a result the North West goes down to 8 MEPs next time making it virtually impossible for 2 Lib-Dems to be elected. And sitting MEPs get preferential treatment in the Tory selection process.

Saj Karim, man of principle or political whore? You decide.

By the way, the word is he sacked his Lib-Dem staff by text message. Nice fella.

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