Sunday, August 17, 2008

Politburo Tactics

The more oppressive our police state becomes the more secretive become the politicians and bureaucrats. According to this article in the Mail on Sunday our MPs are now going to extraordinary lengths to hide the full extent of their corruption from us. Thanks for bringing this out goes, once again, to The Taxpayers' Alliance.

Contrast the methods of our current batch of MPs with the late Enoch Powell. Despite being one of the most controversial figures of modern politics his telephone number and address were in the London telephone directory until the day he died.


T Bishop Finger said...

Enoch Powell, the last great MP. Having read his great entry on Wikipedia recently, I have found a great admiration for the man. Most Liberals draw conclusions on him based 'only' on the 'Rivers of Blood' speech and 'nothing' else.

Gregg Beaman said...

Indeed he was a great man, and proved to be far too principled and brilliant for the minnows around him.

I was fortunate to meet him on several occasions and, as you said, most liberals completely, probably wilfully, misunderstood him.