Thursday, August 07, 2008

Be Afraid!

Whenever the people of a European state, or EU region, say enough is enough you can bet they will be ignored, or told if saying 'no' via a referendum to do it again. Hence the building of the EU superstate continues apace, despite the French, Dutch and Irish saying enough.

In the news today are reports of the EU moving towards formally sharing intelligence. That means that MI5 and MI6 will have to pool their intelligence with all members states (regions) of the EU. Immediately we could kiss our special intelligence relatonship with the USA goodbye. It was French military personnel who leaked American intelligence about Kosovo in the '90s that caused such terrible problems. And do we really want to share our intelligence with the likes of Bulgaria and Slovakia?

But, also bear in mind, the EU will then see the inevitable next step as developing the EU Gendarmerie force into a full blown EU national guard, operating freely in any member state (region). It's time to act and time for Europhiles to be honest and stop pretending that the EU is only a glorified trading bloc.

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