Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nanny State And Alcohol

So in the run up to Christmas we've had the police launching their annual terror campaign with speed traps set up in an effort to catch the odd driver who had a sherry too many at the office party. Now we've had a group of 'experts' urging the government to bring in a minimum price for alcohol, supposedly to save thousands of lives like Soviet Scotland is doing. Humbug!

I'm tired of whinging 'experts' lecturing and hectoring us about our lifestyles. Who pays for all these nannying ninnies? Oh yes, you and me through our taxes. We all know the dangers of obesity, alcoholism and so on and we make our choices. All this nonsense about minimum price to save us from ourselves is just an excuse, as in Soviet Scotland, to hit us with more tax but 'for our own good'.

So why should I pay more for my Laphroiag or my bottle of Cahors because some piss head in a bedsit is drinking himself to death on cheap cider? Furthermore with higher costs for booze, said piss head would only satisfy the demands of the anti-fat fascists by eating less to spend his money on cider, thus dying earlier anyway. 

The sooner we have a government that gets off our backs, and starves the health fascists and other nannying do-gooders of funding the better for us all. After all, it's mostly the government that drives us to drink in the first place.


Sean O'Hare said...

I like the pic and note the spelling. I generally prefer whiskey (Irish) than whisky (scotch). Except when it is a good malt of course. For some reason the Irish don't produce a decent one. Busmill's Malt is very bland.

We did our Xmas booze shop today. If I took the nannying ninnies literally that would be enough to last until Xmas 2012. It won't be though. I shall probably have to trot down to the off-licence on boxing day.

Gregg said...

I dread to think what the health fascists would make of my malt whisky collection.

Richard said...

Hello Greg,

I don't think the minimum pricing of alcohol would affect your bottle of Laphroiag one penny.

I believe that cheap supermarket alcohol is a major contributor to the death of the traditional English pub - and I don't mean the ersatz pub that's frequented by youth on Fridays and Saturdays. I mean the sort of roadside or local village / town pub that was so often the centrepoint of the local community.

For this reason alone I'd be happy with a minimum unit pric law in this area.

If alcohol was subject to a minimum price of say £1 per unit, then the typical pint, or a measure of Laphroiag in a pub would be unaffected, and it might just result in more people deciding it was actually worthwhile to get off their couches and spend less by going out than by stocking up from their local Tesco.

Just a thought.

Gregg said...

Thanks for that Richard. I do take your point and I am saddened at the demise of the pub, but I am instinctively against compulsion, especially by the state.

The state imposed the ban on smoking, rather than leaving it to landlords and the public to choose, that has also helped kill off the pub so I would also oppose the compulsory smoking ban.