Friday, December 30, 2011

Racism And Sexism-Redundant Words.

I happened to disagree with somebody on Twitter yesterday, and it turned very ugly. When challenged she became all ranty and quite unpleasant.  She has a habit of ranting at people on t'interweb then getting highly hysterical if they stand their ground. On several occasions she has claimed that there is a vendetta against her and that she is being spied on by enemies. In other words she's mad and I should never have bothered really.

Then today an ally of hers accused me of "sexist fuckwittery", which I hope she wasn't taught at convent school. Actually I doubt she went to convent school, she'd have a bit more grace if she had. I checked her blog and she is another loony who rants on perpetually about racism and sexism, seeing those twin evils in seemingly everything. I had said nothing remotely 'sexist' in any way. The good thing about Twitter is you can unfollow and block the loonies, which I've done with these two particular nutjobs.

Then I discovered that poor old Jeremy Clarkson is being bitched at again. Apparently telling stories, or jokes about Ghandi's Revenge is now racist. I saw the Top Gear Christmas Special and although not a great fan of car programmes, I found it highly entertaining. I saw nothing at all racist about it and people who did should really get a life. But anything to have a pop at Clarkson it seems. If you don't know the programme was filmed in India.

If I now mention the horrors of Montezuma's Revenge from my time in Latin America does that make me a racist as well? It's a bloody joke. If you travel anywhere you are at risk of a dodgy tummy, sometimes it's just your body getting used to different germs from the ones it's built up resistance to. In the case of India, and some other developing countries, it is because they have appalling hygiene problems in many areas, it's a fact. There is nothing racist about mentioning it or making a joke of it.

Some people throw the words 'racist' and 'sexist' so easily today, as a form of general abuse, that I think both words have lost their meaning, a bit like the word 'fascist' which the left use to describe anybody to the right of Trotsky. Effectively these words are now redundant.


Frederick Oakeley said...

These 'isms' are also excuses for failure to use or understand the English language properly. I am particularly incensed by the growth of furniturism which promotes the use of 'chair' instead of 'chairman'. This insults the intelligence as it suggests that I don't know that 'man' is the equivalent of homo and not vir. It does not therefore imply that all chairmen are male. Yet if I refuse to be furniturist, I am accused of sexism by people who are actually just plain ignorant.

Lurch said...


Gregg said...

Spot on Lurch, I'm definitely right of Trotsky.

Happy New Year to you and Frederick.