Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Tesco Olympics

The only benefit I can see from the Olympics is that our commissars have decided that if we buy alcohol before 10-00am and after 4-00pm on a Sunday we won't actually die and the world won't crash into the sun. So after watching Wiggo and Cav do us proud in Paree I decided that I would treat Mrs B and yours truly to a nice bottle of wine tonight.

So at 5-15pm I took advantage of our new found freedom and hit my local Tesco. But they'd forgotten to change their cash tills and were unable to sell alcohol after 4-00pm after all. Maybe a greater power telling us that we could indeed die if we buy wine after 4-00pm on Sunday. But as I went to Bargain Booze and got a better deal anyway, I doubt it. Unless of course the first sip kills us both. In which case the nanny state has severely let us down.

I certainly hope that the performance of our athletes is superior to that of Tesco.


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Good to hear from you Mark, hope all is well.