Sunday, July 15, 2012

Who's the Real Racist?

John Terry has always struck me as being one of the more uncouth people in a severely uncouth business, professional football. Bear in mind this is a game where Graham Le Saux was hounded by other footballers for his alleged homosexuality. He wasn't homosexual as it happens, but they labelled him that because he reads The Guardian.

So the recent court case came as no surprise. Well that's not strictly true, I was surprised that the case ever went to court, but wasn't surprised that Terry was the accused. It turns out that the accuser, Anton Ferdinand, is every bit as uncouth and unpleasant as Terry. So why was I surprised it ended up in court?

Children use anything that is different about somebody to insult them if they fall out. In other circumstances children are frighteningly blunt in their innocence. For example if somebody with glasses upsets a child he is likely to be attacked and called "speccy four eyes". A child who sees a fat person is likely to innocently ask why they have such a big belly. A parental nightmare but done in innocence, if highly embarassing for said parents.

As children develop and mature they gain some sensitivity and desist from using those differences to attack people. Having said that, in a rage many grown ups still do it, but to a lesser extent. Hence Lancastrians and Yorkshiremen, especially at cricket games, will hurl abuse at each other based on place of birth. Football fans will abuse people from the south or the north, or for being Mancunians or Scousers. They will attack opponents who are overweight, who have had an extra-marital affair and so on. But in most reasonable people it is lighthearted at worst and never used to seriously insult and hurt an individual.

The problem with footballers is that many of them have not grown up and developed into mature, reasonable people. John Terry calling Ferdinand a black c#*t is case in point. If Terry had used his height, size of his waist, colour of his hair or whatever nothing would have been said. But it was the colour of his skin that was used to lash out. It wasn't a sinister racist incident, it was an emotionally, and educationally underdeveloped, pampered brat trying to hurt somebody.

This morning Rio Ferdinand is in the headlines. If you don't know he is the brother of Anton Ferdinand and when he's not playing football for ludicrous amounts of cash seems to be on Twitter or seeking something racist to get angry about. So why is Ferdinand Sr in the news today?

Well, Ashley Cole gave evidence at the Terry court case and declared that in his view Terry, his team mate, was not racist. Ashley Cole is black and was married to Cheryl Cole, the alleged singer. Somebody on Twitter tweeted:

"Looks like Ashley Cole's going to be their choc ice. Then again he's always been a sellout. Shame on him."

To which Rio Ferdinand replied:

" I hear you fella! Choc ice is classic hahahahahaha!!"

Another footballer proving that in that world you don't have to be very bright, or emotionally mature, to make a fortune. Bear in mind Cole has been Terry's team mate for quite a few years and probably knows him better than many of his own family. Why would anybody, especially a black man, sit there in court and declare that in his opinion  a man is not racist if he actually, to his knowledge is? 

In my  opinion what Ferdinand said, and the original Tweeter tweeted, is much more sinister and unpleasant than what the clown John Terry said. The reference to choc ice means that in their opinion Cole is black on the outside, white on the inside. Cole is clearly being attacked for not backing the black player in the case last week. I would hope the sell out reference isn't to Cole marrying a white woman.

Who is the real racist, Rio Ferdinand or John Terry? 


Peter Metcalfe said...

Agree with everything Gregg. It is incredible that name calling can end up in court but it is worrying how any comments connected with colour can be used to destroy someones life and career yet real serious crimeand is ignored.
Just another example of how political correctness warps, twists morality.

Anonymous said...

John Terry. John Terry is a white man attacking a mixed race Anton Ferdinand. His use of the term black c*** was an attack on Anton Ferdinand's ethnic background & as such was a racist remark.

I think such remarks in the heat of the game are part & parcel of the banter & sledging that is commonplace in professional football & ought to be left on the field & not dragged into court.

Rio Ferdinand was critical of Ashley Cole's behaviour. As such his remark was not racist. Whether it was correct, big or clever is another matter but it was not racist. It was a man of mixed race attacking another man of mixed race for his chosen course of behaviour.

Gregg said...

It's 400 years since the Lancashire witch trials and 'racism' seems to be the new witchcraft. Once accused you are guilty until proven innocent. But then if found innocent the race lobby still claim you are guilty.

I think Rio Ferdinand is just particularly dim and, with his obsession with 'racism', has managed to tie himself up in knots.

Gregg said...

Thanks for that 'Anonymous'. Read it again and you'll see what utter nonsense your comment is. It sounds almost like Afrikaaners trying to justify apartheid in a perverse kind of way.

A black can say that about a mixed race man but a white man can't say that about.....what crap!

As densely illogical as Rio Ferdinand I fear.

Peter Metcalfe said...

Anonymous is clearly a product of PC brainwashing. Unable to hold a credible thought theirselves, the pc adherents dribble out pc cliches defending the indefensible whilst ignoring the consequences for society as a whole.

Racism now is, in the main, used as a weapon. to divide races turning them on each other and to the detriment of those who have experienced true racism e.g. being beaten up for the colour of your skin and so on.

As I said before this is a clear example of how twisted and warped political correctness, and it's adherents, actually are.

Daz Pearce said...

I think you hit the nail with the observation that Terry is immature and an idiot, as opposed to being a nasty piece of work.

Racism sucks, but then it's interesting how our society has decided it's worse to be a bit racist towards someone than to, for example, kill them.

Never quite figured that one out...