Monday, July 09, 2012

Lib Dems-Fiddling While Rome Burns

A typical Lib Dem, representing another planet!
Those political whores, the Liberal Democrats, are at it again. I must have missed the mass rallies, petitions and highly visible internet and traditional media campaigns calling for reform of the House of Lords. Maybe I've been dozing these last few months. Or maybe the Lib Dems are just proving, once again, how completely out of touch with the real world they really are.

The country is in the shit financially. We have armed police taking people hostage on the M6 because somebody on a Megabus is smoking a dodgy pretend fag. We have the state plonking anti-missile weaponry atop blocks of flats in East London because of the Olympics. We have the Olympics, a vulgur multi-billion pound joke, costing the country a fortune when we are in financial shit. We have terrorists staying at our expense at Her Majesty's Pleasure because we can't deport them in case somebody in their own country is nasty to them. We have our armed forces being cut to a level that makes them all but ineffectual. And the Lib Dems want to waste time and money reforming the House of Lords.

No wonder they'll be wiped out at the next general election. If I had any faith in Cameron's pathetic joke of a Tory Party I'd hope they would dump the Lib Dems and take their chances as a minority government. But I see little between them, so a Tory government standing alone would probably wreak as much havoc as this bastard coalition.

Come to think of it I hope the Tories get wiped out at the next election too. I've decided on numerous occasions to abstain from voting, but always changed my mind, held my nose and put a X on a ballot paper. But no more. Never again am I prepared to vote for the least bad option. As there is not a single credible libertarian leaning party in the country I will not be voting in future in any national or local elections.

A plague on all their houses.


Left-footer said...

A very loud "Hear! Hear!"

God bless!

Anonymous said...

That is entirely your choice, but I hope you will actually go & spoil your ballot paper. They do count those, & I think it makes a better protest than just not showing up at the polling station.

Gregg said...

Fair point Anonymous, I agree with you on that.

Gregg said...

Actually, thinking again maybe not turning up at the polling station is the best way under our current system. People are much more likely to remember percentage turnout, published on most results, than number of spoilt ballot papers, rarely published.