Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Right Bunch of Bankers!

I had a raging row with my bank yesterday, not the first time and doubtless not the last. It got me wondering why the big bankers get such huge bonuses.

I've had jobs where staff are appraised annually and the size of your annual wage rise depends on performance. But why do people working with money, not just bankers but traders and the like, think it entitles them to huge bundles of cash as a thank you for getting off their arses and doing what they get paid for in the first place?

If it's success being rewarded then what should successful pie makers get if they are successful? 500,000 cheese and onion pies?

What about car makers? A few thousand new cars?

Should successful estate agents get a few nice houses as a bonus?

What about urinal salesmen?

A successful distillery worker could get a few thousand bottles of whisky.

A successful pop star could get a few million DVDs as a bonus.

A high achieving bottled water salesman could maybe receive a small lake in the Lake District or a spring in the Pennines.

Just a thought.

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