Sunday, March 04, 2012

Stuff The Coalition. Here Comes The Lancashire Democratic Front!

Lancashire Democratic Front on training exercises
On my way back from Mass this morning, while Bob at the Munch Box was griddling the bacon and sausage for our Sunday treats, I was thinking about the government. It didn't put me off my brekkie, I have a very tough constitution and enjoy my food too much, but I did decide that I would abstain at the next general election. What set me off on this train of thought?

Take Syria. Assad and his dad before him have ruled that place for all my living memory, and as far as I know have not been elected. So when a gang of misfits kick off our government recognises the rampaging nutters as the legitimate government, even though they are trying to come to power by killing a few thousand people. Seeing how our government fawns over what we used to call terrorist groups it's no wonder nutters have kicked off all over the Middle East. But for every government action there is a reaction.

Now then, if you're stuck with a government that wasn't elected the Western powers will back you if you take up arms against your oppressors. Look at Syria, Libya et al. Now forgive me but did you see the choice 'Poxy Bunch of Nobhead Tories and Lib Dems in Coalition' on the ballot paper in 2010? Neither did I. Just like Syria and Libya we have a government that not a single one of us voted for. Surely we should rise up against this unelected bunch of misfits.

I am now considering starting the Lancashire Democratic Front. Surely if it's good enough for Libyans and Syrians it's good enough for us, and we really do need to get rid of this government for the sake of our sanity. If you would like to join me please get in touch. I would ask for donations of military hardware but a joke like that in this nanny state we live in could land me in Strangeways or Guantanamo Bay.


Daz Pearce said...

Are we gonna buy shotguns, get our weapons from criminals or improvise our own? Is a baseball bat any use at all?

I'd like to see none of the above on ballot papers - think that would throw a massive cat amongst the pigeons.

And here's the catch - if NOTA wins, the seat stays empty. RESULT!!

PS - spot on re:- the wider point on us keeping our noses out of what is domestic strife.

Peter Metcalfe said...

Hi Gregg
I'll join the LDF. I can supply a job lot of Bury Black Pudding grenades. As you will probably know these are far more dangerous that the common and ordinary grenade especially when lobbed at tories and lib dims, who would have to go into rehab if they were touched by anything northern or pudding shaped.
Viva La LDF

Anonymous said...

We have a government that is the result of what we voted for as a country. If we wanted a single party to form a government we should have elected a majority of MPs from one party. We choose not to.

It is no secret that if a majority government can't be formed than either a minority government or a coalition government must be formed. A minority government would still need to cut deals with other parties, & in this instance the support of NI Unionists would not have been enough to keep the Tories in power.

What would you have done Gregg?

Gregg said...

Don't talk daft Anonymous. I certainly didn't vote for prats like Clegg and Cable to be in government and I don't know anybody who did. Fact!

The Tories should have formed a minority government. But if they hadn't had a wet fart like Cameron in charge but a real conservative they would have won with a landslide.

Gregg said...

Baseball bats very handy Daz, yes please.

I've always been against the NOTA on ballot paper thingummy but I think with your suggestion of the seat staying vacant yes, I'd be up for that.

I suppose as Belgium survived a couple of years with no government we could have survived, and probably been better off, without this shower post 2010.

Fair point Peter. Feed the troops on Bury black pudding then throw others at the enemy.

Nearly tried a Bury black dog yesterday on Bury market. Same as hotdog but with black pud instead of frankfurther. Might try it before the FC United game at Gigg Lane next weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm not talking daft. A majority government wasn't elected but 57 Lib Dem MPs were (I didn't vote for them btw). The Lib Dems took their chance to be part of a government, I would expect any party in their position to do the same. It is no secret that coalition government is a possible outcome of a hung parliament & that is what the country voted for.

A tory minority government would have had to make some kind of arrangement with Labour/Lib Dem MPs. I hold no brief for Cameron (never voted Tory in my life) but he was elected by the Tories themselves in accordance with their own rules, so they can have no one else to blame if he cost them.

Gregg said...

Fair points Anonymnous, and I do appreciate your argument about how our system has produced what we have at the moment.

But I still maintain that people didn't vote expecting to get what we have. The nature of democracy is such that what one person thinks is democratic another thinks isn't. The thrust of my original point, which I have made frequently on this blog, is that we cannot impose our idea of democracy on others, be that the Middle East or elsewhere.

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to contribute.

Daz Pearce said...

Ok - I'll bring the bat.

Admitting I keep one by the bed to deter intruders is worth about 5 years yeah?

Anonymous said...

"The thrust of my original point, which I have made frequently on this blog, is that we cannot impose our idea of democracy on others, be that the Middle East or elsewhere."

I completely agree with you on that Gregg. Try that black pudding hotdog, it sounds delicious!

Gregg said...

Right Anonymous, just for you I'll give one a try on Saturday and report back on here.