Tuesday, February 05, 2013

David Morris MP and Gay Marriage

I received a letter this weekend from my MP, David Morris, informing me that he had consulted widely and would be voting against gay marriage in the House of Commons today. I had contacted him some time ago to ask his position, so credit where it's due, he has consulted and listened. Shame he didn't on the question of an EU referendum, but eh, that's life.

There is still a problem though. On what issues should an MP have a core belief that will not be shaken? If MPs merely consult, then go along with public opinion then why not get rid of them and just have referenda? If I ask a candidate what his views are on a range of issues I want to know what his views are, not what public opinion is. Otherwise, how do we decide who to vote for? There are times when an MP must surely vote with conviction, even if it means going against public opinion, he must then justify himself to the electorate and either keep or lose his seat.

So I'm glad my MP will be voting against gay marriage today. But he still won't get my vote come the next election.

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