Friday, February 08, 2013

British Democracy?

I've long since lost the fire in my belly I had for politics, which makes blogging difficult, in a word I can't be arsed. Our politicians are as bent as nine bob notes, we are ruled from a stinkingly corrupt Brussels, the system seems to have perfected squeezing cash and independent thought from the populace and government is hand in glove with big business.

Decades of socialism/social democracy have forged a dependency on the state that means we are no longer the masters, we are mere cogs in the wheel of the state, be that London based or Brussels based. There was one chink of light recently when UKIP announced they had been joined by a descendent of Guy Fawkes. Oh good, I thought, they might sneak him into Parliament to complete the good work begun by his esteemed ancestor. Alas, as ever with UKIP, he isn't actually a descendent of  the hero himself at all, false alarm.

I have often wondered why we still have so many MPs when 70% of our laws come from Brussels so was hopeful that the boundary changes would do the job and even things up. But the Lib Dems threw a temper tantrum and blocked the attempt at rebalancing our democracy. No longer are we governed by men with vision, a sense of history and a deeply held belief in freedom and democracy. Instead we are governed by intellectual pygmies whose decisions are based on personality, spite and vengeance, and stuff the electorate. This quote, from parliamentary sketch writer Quentin Letts about the boundary debate says it all:

"In Britain we have long flattered ourselves that we play by the rules. In the Commons on Tuesday, the rules were blatantly broken.

In the 23 years, on and off, I have been reporting Parliament, I have not felt so disgusted by our political class.

The behaviour of Mr Miliband, Mr Clegg and their MPs is worse than cash-for-questions or the expenses scandal.

Those were fuelled by small-minded greed. This is the naked abuse of parliamentary principle. This, I am afraid, is anti-democratic theft". 

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A K Haart said...

"in a word I can't be arsed."

Don’t give up though – this is an excellent blog. You acerbic common sense is always a pleasure to read.

Gregg said...

You're very generous. Thank you.